太田慧香(すいこう) Suiko OHTA

初代秋亭以来、文人墨客より代々画風を受け継ぎ、二代目秋亭、三代目湘香に師事。スイス、アメリカへと留学し、海外見聞を広めると同時に、日本文化の大切さと素晴らしさを再確認し、帰国後 外国人を中心に墨絵、日本画の伝承に努める。

1982年、画号 太田慧香を継承。 高島屋、アメリカンクラブ、アメリカ大使館、アイスランド大使館などで指導活動、また自身の制作活動にいそしんでいる。古典的技法を基礎に、現代風な新しい色彩感覚を織り交ぜ、大胆な構成力によって迫力のある作風を作り出し、又、繊細な水墨で感銘を与える作品をも作り出している。

1986年      清水焼絵付け始める
2000年      ブラジル大使館にて、文化交流展
2002年      ルクセンブルグ大使公邸にて二人展開催
2011年      広尾カトーギャラリーにて東日本震災救援チャリティー展開催
2013年   東京アメリカンクラブフレデリックハウスギャラリーにて親子展
2019年    銀座和光 -自然の恵み・慈しみの心-日本画展
2022年    セイコウハウスギンザホール(銀座和光)-共に生きる・自然の寄り添い-

Born in 1962, SUIKO OHTA is a fourth generation Japanese Fine Arts Painter. Since the Edo period (1603-), her ancestors have been calligraphers to the Shogun, hence she is successful as a dynamic calligrapher as well as a painter.
For two years, she studied in Switzerland and the U.S.A., giving her the opportunity to extend her experience of foreign lifestyles. During this time, she rediscovered her fascination for traditional Japanese culture. For more than thirty years she has taught and promoted classical Japanese painting, not only to the Japanese, but also to foreigners. Using the advantage her background gives her, she extends her teaching to include Japanese tradition, culture and history, not solely technique.
In addition to her regular work, she supports charities by staging exhibitions to their benefit. Recently, she has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture to promote Japanese Agriculture in international events in Milan and Paris.

1999, 2000 Exhibitions at Wako Ginza Exchanging of Culture Exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy
2002 04 ,06 Exhibitions at Kato Gallery
2007 Art of Dining’ for Refugee International, Japan’
2008 Exhibition at Shizuoka Country Club
2011 Charity Exhibition for the Tohoku Earthquake Fund
2012 Exhibition at Wako Ginza
2013 Exhibition at Tokyo American Club
2014 Cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and CECD at International Events.
2015 Exhibition at Wako Ginza

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