Monthly Exhibition at the show case by Kaigado Gallery.

French Vintage Advertising

We usually have a French Vintage Advertising in December, but this year, we mainly exhibit car ads from the 1930s onwards.
Before the widespread use of television, paper advertisements such as magazine ads and posters were valued as the most valuable form of advertising, and companies used famous artists and designers to come up with stylish and innovative designs for their ads. Its artistry is so high that today it is favored by collectors as a valuable vintage art. Especially in France, there is a lot of vintage advertisements in circulation, and we select the ones that are well designed and well preserved. Every year we change the subject matter of the exhibition, and this year we have handled ads for many cars, including Mercedes, Lincoln, Ford, Citroen, Peugeot and more! How about one of these vintage advertisements that will be loved by generations to come as a Christmas gift.

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