Works of art, whether they are displayed in a private home or in company lobby or
reception room, have the ability to set the atmosphere of the space. Since its founding,
Kaigado has long offered artwork consulting services in a variety of locations, including
private homes, companies, hotels, and restaurants. Building on our many years of
experience, we browse through a large collection of artworks and select only works that
match the space and comply with the wishes of clients. In addition to selecting works,
we offer comprehensive space planning services, ranging from display methods, lighting,
to achieving harmony between art objects and space. We look forward to helping clients
create the perfect space. We do not charge any fee for receiving client inquiries. Please
feel free to contact us anytime.


Inspection, analysis, planning

We are open to free discussion to give you the best selection for your desired artwork.
We can offer consultation using your drawings, looking into your plans and budget.


Selection of works

We will introduce a suitable artworks from a wide variety of options.


Artwork Delivery and Display

We can propose the optimum way to display and install artwork with effective lightning solutions.